Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Unqualified Right Wing Nut Job

Tries the Big Lie

Unfit to run for US Senate

"Anthony Hernandez, former leader of a Latino Republican group and unsuccessful state senate candidate in 2010." Wikipedia

Where he lost 71% to 29% to his DFL opponent. An auspicious background for a US Senate candidate?  Can you say Right Wing Nut Job? 

Hernandez, 32, is the third GOP candidate to come forward with plans to seek the party nomination to run against the popular Klobuchar. He ran unsuccessfully for the Minnesota Senate last year, losing to DFL incumbent Sen. Dick Cohen.
Hernandez said he lost his job in the mortgage industry and then lost his home and car; he's opposed to the stimulus programs and bank bailouts and says the government actions are "destroying the American Dream for our children and we must change course now!"

So what the heck, if you are unemployed, why not run for US Senate?  That will at least give you some visibility.  Look at Ole Savior. 

His tweets indicate a lack of knowledge about history, economics, or much else that would be important for a US Senator to know.

The most disgraceful example of this was when he made the claim recently that a major problem in Minnesota was the communists in the university system.  Anyone with two working brain cells would realize that this is the oldest trick in the Right Wing Nut Job book of tricks.  It is called McCarthyism. And I mean the Wisconsin, not Minnesota flavor. 

When called out on the matter, Mr. Hernandez dissembled.  When asked for names, he had none. Finally after much badgering he realized that the jig was up and did a 180 making the claim that he knew "Marxists" - see below - at Duluth and Morris and that this was their right and I should "get over it."

No, Mr. Hernandez, you are the one who should get over it.  You should admit that you lied that communists in the university system are a major problem and apologize. If you do not this is clear evidence that you are unfit to even run for US Senate, let alone be elected.

RT @HernandezUSA "Another major problem in Msota are communists in the University system" | Pathetic. Unfit to govern. #mngop #umn #mnleg

RT @HernandezUSA “I'm not saying all university employees are communists, but there is a substantial number working within the system.”

From Hernandez to me:
@wbgleason I have friends teaching at #UMN Morris/Duluth that subscribe to Marx. This is America. They have every right. Get over it! #mngop

@HernandezUSA tries 180 on commies in Msota uni system. "major problem" THEN "they have every right" caught red handed #mngop #mnleg

@HernandezUSA Mr. Hernandez, you have lied on this "major problem" commie business. You are unfit to run for US Senate. #mngop #mnleg

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