Friday, August 17, 2012

The Gospel According

to Swiftee

The last I heard, Mr. Swift,

both houses of the legislature were controlled by Republicans. Obviously some of them had to go along with the stadium proposal. And how many - other than Smith - were discharged because of this? I won't bore you with the names of the GOP heavy hitters who went along with the stadium.

And of course that famously left of center legislative leader, Kurt Zellers, rolled over and played dead on the matter. He had it in his hands to stop the stadium. You remember Mr. Zellers, the one who allowed Bradlee Dean to serve as chaplain for a day in the legislature and then was forced to expunge his disrespectful prayer from the legislative record? 

Simply put, Ms. Pugh's Tea Party roots and close association with the likes of Pastor Tracksuit - that would be Bradlee Dean - are enough to insure that she will not be a leader in the next legislature. 

To refresh your memory:

Photos of SW Metro Tea Party Activists Tabling at Screening of Bradlee Dean's "My War"

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