Sunday, November 4, 2012

Washington County Voters Should Say No to Bill Pulkrabek

Another second tier GOP loser was called out on the Oakdale Patch in October.

You do remember the infamous Bill Pullkrabek?  

For some background on this real sweet guy, see:

Bill Pulkrabek domestic assault victim: Married GOP politico dragged mistress by her hair
"which means that he maintained his innocence but recognized that sufficient evidence might exist for a jury to find him guilty." 
"A Chisago County judge handed Bill Pulkrabek a fine, probation and a stayed jail sentence on Wednesday -- and then scolded the Washington County commissioner for violating the public trust.
 'When things of this nature happen, it does do damage,' said Judge John McBride, who told Pulkrabek that he'll have to work hard to restore his reputation."
 This is exactly the kind of person that the Minnesota Republican party does not need in its elected ranks as it struggles to regain credibility after the upcoming electoral debacle.

 Ms. Pamela Johnson summed up the situation nicely in a recent letter to the Oakdale Patch:

Say 'No Thanks' to County Board Candidate 
[Bill Pulkrabek]
Once again Bill Pulkrabek is running for Washington County commissioner.  This time we should tell him "No Thanks!"
Commissioners Pulkrabek and Lehrke support breaking state law which requires garbage be processed into fuel and support polluting groundwater. At the Sept. 24 county commissioners board meeting they refused to subsidize a Newport trash processor by voting "no." 
While working as our county commissioner, Pulkrabek, thru his one-person company "Tilt, Inc" was also being paid nearly $17,000 by the MN Republican Party.  This unethical behavior occurred during Tony Sutton’s tenure as chair of the MN Republican Party. Sutton later resigned leaving a nearly $2 million debt.  A request by other Republicans, led by former GOP candidate for Chair Joe Repya, for a forensic audit of Party finances was withdrawn last July. It’s ironic that Pulkrabek and Lehrke complained the Newport garbage facility wouldn’t open its books, while the state GOP fought to keep theirs closed.
Pulkrabeks’s finances aren’t the only areas of questionable ethics. 
Pulkrabek is currently on probation stemming from a case of  domestic assault with his girlfriend (not his wife) in May, 2011. He served as campaign manager for Michelle Bachmann in her first campaign for school board for District 834 in 1999. He endorsed Michael Brodkorb for Deputy Chair of the Republican Party in 2009. Now Brodkorb is suing the MN State Senate, costing taxpayers thousands, because of an affair with Majority Leader Amy Koch.
After 14 years it’s time to tell Bill Pulkrabek "No Thanks!"   
— Pam Johnson, Stillwater

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