Friday, January 25, 2013

Ravings of a Right Wing Nut Job

It is not all bad news after this introduction - Swiftee has announced he's moved to South Carolina. "Just so happens I live in South Carolina."

See the excellent piece in the New York Review of Books by Gary Wills : "Dumb America""

...the current South is willing to cut off its own nose to show contempt for the government. 
People across the South are going even farther than Scott, begging to secede again from the Union. Packer notes that the tea is cooling in parties across the rest of the nation, but seems to be fermenting to a more toxic brew in the South.
No one needs better health care more than the South, but it fights it off so long as Obama is offering it, its governors turning down funds for Medicaid.
This is a region that rejects sex education, though its rate of teenage pregnancies is double and in places triple that of New England. It fights federal help with education, preferring to inoculate its children against science by denying evolution.
No part of the country will suffer the effects of global warming earlier or with more devastation than the South, yet its politicians resist measures to curb carbon emissions and deny the very existence of climate change—sending it to the dungeon with evolution and biblical errancy. 
One doesn’t need much imagination to see the South with lowered or swollen waters in its rivers and ports, raging kudzu, swarming mosquitos, and record-breaking high temperatures, still telling itself that global-warming talk is just a liberal conspiracy. But it just digs deeper in denial. The South has decided to be defeated and dumb. 
This is the thing that makes the South the distillation point for all the fugitive extremisms of our time, the heart of Say-No Republicanism, the home of lost causes and nostalgic lunacy. It is as if the whole continent were tipped upward, so that the scattered crazinesses might slide down to the bottom. The South has often been defeated. Now it is defeating itself. 
And Mr. Thomas Swiftee Swift has slid down to the bottom to aid The South with his fugitive extremism and lunacy.

swiftee on said:
“Why do you always show your opponents in these pieces to be addled, defective or not-so-bright?”
That question explains why the MinnPost has put me in the “do not publish” folder. They tried imposing an arbitrarily enforced “civility rule” (you can bag on GOP pols and Swiftee but other than them, be nice), but given the low level of intelligence among the MinnPost faithful it is impossible to respond and *not* leave them looking like the ignorant fools they are, try as you might.
It’s like a DG clone army over there.
I’m sure they are enjoying their echo chamber.

swiftee on said:
They simply stopped publishing my comments. Eric Black e-mailed me to assure me he didn’t have anything to do with the censorship at the Minnpost, and I believe that’s true. But he evidently didn’t object to them either.

swiftee on said:
Coppers wipe Captain Morgan on their upper lips so they “strongly smell the odor of alcohol” during traffic stops.
Assholes like DG don’t have a worry until they start wiping shit on there.

swiftee on said:
Hillary’s quote is destined to become a benchmark allegory for leftist incompetence, but I have the feeling that “Christmas in Cambodia” Kerry will break new ground in shameful failures.

swiftee on said:
I doubt either Lambo or Black have time to spare for anything other than the epic circle jerk going on at the Minnpost right now.
They’re tripping over one another to get their own papspew posted.
It’s a daisy chain that Nick Coleman would highly approve of.

swiftee on said:
So, it’s perfectly acceptable to tax the poorest of the poor to clothe their children, but dip into the pockets of some pin-stripped, ambulance chasing DFL campaign financier?
As Lambo might say, thems fightin’ words.

swiftee on said:
I’m guessing that potato sacks figure into Ms. Lanto’s solution for clothing poor kids.

swiftee on said:
What? Lamborghini is twaddle spewin’ on the MinnPost? Imagine my surprise! I guess he feels a lot more empowered, as does Black, now that a conservative free censorship protocol has been instituted.
Ya got to give Gisleason some slack, Mr D… Poor little puke ain’t been right in the head since he forced me to bitchslap him a few years ago.

swiftee on said:
The Minnpost does not publish my comments. Call that what you want.
I join with Mitch in a hearty belly laugh though. Poor little kook got tired of raving in the dark on Twitter, so he comes over here to do a little asshat dance for us. Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!
I would say you’re a complete waste of flesh Prof Creepy, but you *are* great amusement!

swiftee on said:
BTW I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that Prof Gleason’s desire for me, or Mitch to make a complete ass of him in public again has got to be a symptom any psychotherapist would recognize.
Got to the point shredding him felt like pulling the wings off flies.

swiftee on said:
Re: “lying”
While this little rant doesn’t rise to libel, I’ll advise Gleason to have a care with how he expresses his mental illness in writing.
I said The Minnpost doesn’t publish my comments. You and F-inBurger can call that what you want, I won’t waste my time playing games with unintelligent buffoons.
But be advised, fool.
My attorney has the record of your past libel ( and it was libel), and he has assured me that a repeat performance will establish a pattern that makes it worth litigating.
My law talking dude doesn’t fuck around Prof Creepy… ask your pal Matt McNeil.
That is all, fool. You may now return to raving to the darkness.

 swiftee on said:
I’m guessing mongrel cur’s celebration involves a food processor.

 swiftee on said:
Mitch is clinging to the memory of Eric Black, pre Minnpost. That Black is long gone.
If liberalism is a disease, and I think there is consensus on that, then it is a communicable disease which gets progressively worse unless the sufferer is removed to breath the fresh, life giving air of common sense.
The minute Black accepted the gig at MP, his fate was sealed.
What took his place is the mendacious, pap spewing moonbat living off the tits of deep pocket lefties.
He is their pet.

Mitch Berg on said:
Mitch is clinging to the memory of Eric Black, pre Minnpost.
I’m a uniter, not a divider.
Fortunately, you’re a divider, Swiftee, and God love ya for it.
swiftee on said:
“I think of myself as a moderate. I have voted for more republican candidates than otherwise.”
There it is. Anytime you get a lefty infestation on a comment thread, you can be sure one of ‘em is gonna pull that one out sooner or later.
I don’t know what moonbat cave this hamster crawled out of, but two things are perfectly clear at this point…1) He *is* a moonbat and 2) you can’t believe a fricking thing he says.
Case in point. Just so happens I live in South Carolina, and also happen to be around a lot of engineers (since I am one as well). I haven’t run across one that speaks “Deep South”, and of the few that have any discernible inflection at all, it’s quite subdued. In fact, even among “country folks” the Carolina inflection is probably the mildest of any Southern State…but somehow, Emery found himself in the midst of a passle of unintelligible, gun slingin’ Hillbilly engineers…in England. Yee Haw!
BS, pal; you’re a liar…that’s harsh, but there’s just no way to sugar coat it.
I’m just waiting to see Emery start listing all of the world famous people that live on his cul-de-sac that drop by to discuss matters of World Importance.

swiftee on said:
“Nothing against Eric Black, of course.”
*blink* *blink*
OK Mitch, step back and let the experts take it from here….
Leftist douchebags like Black treat journalistic integrity, ethics and truth like Dr. Frankenstein treats a fetus at Planned Parenthood. Fuck him and the bag of assholes that employ him.

swiftee on said:
As if as on cue, a visual explanation of why someone might need a high capacity magazine:
The sound you hear at the beginning of that clip, is the sound of a copper emptying a 15 round magazine. I’d like to hear his take on the suggestion he only needed 10.
The story is here:
Any of Eric Black’s reality based meal worms knows he fired the last 5 because he hates black people.

swiftee on said:
Speaking of a very liberal Mitch, one of your so-called “reasonable” leftists is tying the 2nd amendment to owning slaves.
No sir, I am not kidding.
“Was the Second Amendment adopted for slaveholders?”
I know you try to maintain a level headed, fair minded approach to dealing with leftists, but I do wonder if not now, what it will take to convince you that every stinking leftist is a festering boil upon our country’s fair face.

swiftee on said:
Mr. Schieffer evidently hasn’t toured Detroit, Oakland, Kansas City, New Orleans, New York, the South and West sides of Chicago, North Minneapolis or even looked out his DC window lately, because even Herr Dr. Goebbels would be hard pressed to ignore the devistation LBJ’s “War on Poverty” has laid on America’s doorstep.

swiftee on said:
“Science made a comeback at the State Capitol on Tuesday.”
WB Gleason presented his proofs that human beings procreate asexually by squeezing a collection of cells out of Scott Dibble?

swiftee on said:
Please. The air ya’ll are breathing is that much cleaner this morning, and it’s no sin to say so.
How’s Avidor doing these days? Any dizziness? Sharp pains?

swiftee on said:
On second thought, I do have something good to say about scumbag Karl. At least he didn’t do his lunatic stalking on the public’s dime, like his pals Eva and Gleason.
I’m filled with stinkin’ compassion today….

swiftee on said:
Oh, off the subject, but since I’m getting all sentimental and mushy. Bakk says the DFL cut the pay of GOP staffers to offset the costs of litigating Long Dong Brodkorb’s dirtbag lawsuit.
Good. The MN GOP needed that lesson.

 swiftee on said:
I want to see a concerted effort to remove every New York state legislator who endorsed Cuomo’s law, that had the temerity to lie to the Republican voters that elected them.
We can do this people; it’s happened before. Let’s outfit Congress with the same sort of fire-breathing conservatives Clinton had to deal with after he banned guns.

swiftee on said:
The NRA just signed up 250,000 new members…in one month.
They are on track to have 5 Million members by March.
These people not only vote, each paid a minimum of $30 to put their money where their mouths are. Think they might get busy around election time?
Gallup can kiss my ass, and so can Emery and his buddy Barry.

swiftee on said:
Don’t worry about my chaps, moonbat. When it comes time for you to kiss my hairy ass, you’ll chew through whatever I’m wearing.

swiftee on said:
Wonder when Dribble will get around to clipping the wings of a particularly nasty group called “OutFrontMN”, which has been methodically inserting sexual perversion into the curriculum of government schools.
Yup, using the kids to promote disease spreading debauchery…it really doesn’t get much worse than that.
Erm, well, it doesn’t get much worse for kids that manage to make it out of the womb with limbs intact that is.

swiftee on said:
I’m tired of warning people about what a cesspool the government schools have become. It’s clear that the few who do care, like the smell of (moon) batshit. Everyone else has moved their kids to private schools, charters or is home schooling.

swiftee on said:
“Imagine if conservatives ran the state, and they were going to have conservative Christian activist groups go into schools (public and private) and promote pro-life causes.”
Your dream is my reality, Chuck. Lots of Jesus talk in SC public schools, hell, they even have Christmas pagents, and not a peep out of the few leftists skulking around Columbia.
 swiftee on said:
Fanning the flames.
Gun related, but off immediate subject; I was a bar in Tennessee over the weekend in which a dozen or so Army guys were having beers. I bought them a round (naturally) and during discussion afterwards, I jokingly told them to remember the round when Obama sends them to my house to collect my rifles.
One of ‘em looks me straight in the eye and says “That c*cksucker’s got another thing comin’, now don’t he?”…to which all his buddies nodded gravely.

swiftee on said:
Outraged lefties have predictably vowed to boycott Mills, which has the company quaking in their rubber boots, no doubt.
I’m guessing the Uptown and Mac-Groveland Fleet Farm stores are doomed as doomed can be now that the Birkenstock community will be firing up their Volvos to purchase their blaze orange clothes, ammo and horse tack from an outdoor store displaying the proper contempt for the constitution.

swiftee on said:
“..the tireless commitment we have to keep tuition in check, student debt lower, administrative costs down, and to provide an exceptional education for our students.”
What a steaming pile of BS, sheesh. Evidently Kaler doesn’t have as much regard for the intelligence of the alumni as he says.
And I’d be remiss not to mention that while anectodal (or is it?), given the caliber of some of the teaching (Gleason, Meyers et al.) and support (Eva Young) staff is best measured in units of thorazine administered I think some serious house cleaning is in order.

swiftee on said:
Meanwhile, back at the Organizer-In-Chief’s gun free community….
“A 24-year-old man was killed and at least eight others were wounded in overnight gun violence on the city’s West and South Sides, according to police.”,0,1860607.story
Oddly enough, although just as true as it was in Florida, I somehow doubt Obama will be telling us how much these kids look like the son he never had.

 swiftee on said:
Lefty twerps of Rosenberg’s caliber evidently feel safe making asinine commentary on MinnDuh now that they have a secure conservative commentary firewall in place.
Let him face the wrath of the people!

swiftee on said:
Given how much they frighten moonbats, I’m thinking of having a 30 rd. banana clip gold plated and strung on a phat chain which I shall wear around my neck gangbanger urban Democrat style.

swiftee on said:
If only we could find a way to use an AR15 to sweep the uterus free of unwanted, inconvenient children before they are delivered, mongrels like DG would be applying their inchoate papspew towards the goal of making one in a size that fits in a purse.

swiftee on said:
The city already has an ordinance against carrying a fixed blade knife, of any length. I’ve watched the coppers fill boxes full at the Donnie Smith motorcycle show.
They’re really some frightened people.

Pretty sick collection of comments. Less than a month but enough to give an insight into a twisted and sick mind.  And there is plenty more where this comes from.

Thomas Swiftee Swift will fit in well in his new home in The South.

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