Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sh*t in The Dark

What Mitch Berg Doesn't Want Anyone to See...

Mr. Berg's side-kick - Thomas Swiftee Swift - has had yet another twitter account shot out from under him.  So he is reduced to making comments on Mr. Berg's pathetic blog which is full of disinformation.

According to Mr. Swift:

swiftee on said:
I doubt either Lambo or Black have time to spare for anything other than the epic circle jerk going on at the Minnpost right now.
They’re tripping over one another to get their own papspew posted.
It’s a daisy chain that Nick Coleman would highly approve of.

Another commenter later posted:

As of this morning, the comment is gone.

This is how the right wing Tea Party types roll.

Caveat lector. 

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