Friday, July 19, 2013

Thomas Swift - Suspended Again on Twitter

As documented many times on this blog, Mr. Swift has a very sad record on Twitter. He is a disturbed right winger who now lives in South Carolina but continues to spread vitriol on the net here in Minnesota.

While in Minnesota Mr. Swift was a smutty cartoonist whose artistry would be pathetic for a third grader. He was also a candidate for School Board in St. Paul, almost unbelievably, with a GOP endorsement.  Swift is a pathetic loser who should be an embarrassment to the Minnesota GOP, although no one in that party has so far disowned him.

His lattest incarnation "@Tjswift2" has just been suspended:

wbgleason, Jul 10 08:12 am (PDT):

What username is causing the issue?: @Tjswift2

Tweet I am reporting:

Blocked user(s): Yes

How many times has this happened?: many times
Further description of problem: This character is "RTing" things supposedly by .@wbgleason These RTs are bogus and a pattern of continuing harassment

Your full name:William B. Gleason

SamuelFisher, Jul 19 03:56 am (PDT):


Thank you for providing this information.

The account has been suspended and the profile has been hidden from public view.

Please let us know if we can assist further, or if you experience problems going further.

Twitter Trust & Safety

Upon clicking on Mr. Swift's twitter username, the following message currently appears:

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