Thursday, October 8, 2015

Sh*t in the Dark gets needed disinfection

Sunshine is the Best Disinfectant


Sh*t in the Dark

Mr. Berg is apparently circling the wagons, because he has been slaughtered on the Twitz.

He is much more comfortable on his blog - Sh*t in the Dark - where he can write nonsense and have his chosen commentators do the dirty work for him. He also claims to be right wing radio host, based on his two hour a week radio show on Saturdays.  At least this pitiful operation minimizes the damage that he can do. 

The latest evidence of his trying to avoid any discussion with non like-minded individuals  can be found in his post today on Sh*t in the Dark:

Posted on October 8, 2015 by 

Some Blog Housekeeping

I’m going to introduce you to one new feature on this blog, and throw in a mention of one that’s been around for years.

The new one?  “A Guy With A Gun” – a list of episodes where a citizen with a firearm has interrupted a mass shooting.  This information has beens scattered about the blog for years (and it still is; the page is a work in progress); now, this blog has a one-stop page for episodes.  As episodes come to my attention, I’ll be adding them.  Feel free to leave new episodes in the comment section.

Another that’s been around a while, but that I’ll be updating more aggressively, is “Climate of Hate“.   I first started the page 5.5 years ago, as a response to the left’s conceit that there was an epidemic of right-wing violence in this country; it is, in fact, the left that resorts to violence first.

Got new episodes of either mass-shootings ended by citizens, or of lefty violence (or particularly ugly threats or transference)?  Leave a comment in either page (or here – but this post will soon crawl away to obscurity, while the Pages will be up top forever…)

Note:  Unlike everywhere else in this blog, off-topic or threadjacking comments on either of these pages will be deleted without any further ceremony or warnin – as will on-topic comments once I’ve decided if the subject matter merits inclusion or not.

I'll attend to this nonsense shortly. 

Meanwhile there has been an update - same link - of Berg's nonsense:

UPDATE:  A key “source” in the piece I fisk has turned out to be fraud.  See the Update at the bottom of the story.. 

One of my long-time stalkers – who’s been tweenting about me at least ten times a day for the past six years, which may be as perfect a definition of “a wasted life” as I can imagine – has been spamming the Northern Alliance’s hashtag on Twitter and Facebook with…well, random collections of factoids gathered from Googling, apparently.
And in so doing, he introduced me to yet another article in Raw Story – aka “liberal-friendly news even dumber than The Awl.”
So here we see Berg finally admit that yes, indeed, he does see my tweets which he has tried to ignore.  This was pretty obvious from the start, but apparently Mitch thinks that his mind addled followers will not realize this.

And why would Mitch Berg be unwilling to engage in twitter discussion?  Well because he is fact challenged and his usually bully-boy tactics don't work with everyone.  Also, because Sunlight is the Best Disinfectant - my blog - serves as a good place to document his actual, rather than pretend behavior.  A good example is his behavior during a check-bouncing incident. Many other examples of Berg not walking the talk can be found there.

Carry on, Bergbrain

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