Thursday, October 13, 2011

Another Clumsy Impersonation Attempt by the Right

So here is a tweet account: @retweetgleason - that is clearly in violation of the Twitter rules about impersonation.  It uses my picture and my name. 

Now what sort of scum would do such a thing?  If you go to this person's twitter account and look  at who he is following, some interesting names appear:

and surprise, surprise:


A sort of dishonor roll of local thugs. 

So who might this sock-puppet be?  My guess is Berg's water boy, whom I have nicknamed NarnFraud. He has left some clues in his tweets that lead me to believe he is the puppeteer. Like father, like son, NarnFraud? 

Narnfraud is the only one of the thugs who regularly addresses me as professor.... For example: 

Pitiful right wing thug.


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