Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Swiftee steps in it, again...

On Brainstorm - no wonder!

  • @wbgleason taking a polemical stand? Why, he would *never*! 
  • wbgleason  
    You are new around here, Mr. Swift, or Swiftee as you call yourself in Minnesota.

     I don't think that a polemic is necessarily a bad thing.  At least one dictionary defines polemic as: "an aggressive attack on or refutation of the opinions or principles of another." This is what I have tried to do.

    If you object, please read the ENDNOTE again and check out the links and references.  Do you have anything to say about the topic of the piece?

    Note to the gentle reader: Swiftee and I have a history. Link: http://bit.ly/qzE7Ax

    And so it goes... 
  • "Swiftee and I have a history"....Yes, I am one of the dozen lucky individuals that Prof Gleason cyber stalks.

    (BTW; when I asked for an example of the sorts of research you're involved with lately, I couldn't have dreamed you'd highlight your stalkers manifesto, Prof. Personally, I think it says a lot more about you than any of the focuses of your obsessions.) 
  • wbgleason 
    See link above. The right wing in Minnesota is really nasty. Here's what I deal with: http://bit.ly/qgQF31
  • Actually, that's *NOT* an example what you deal with Prof.

    You dredged up that photo, which was attached to a very humorous story that had nothing to do with you; ever seen this? http://bit.ly/2W6OQZ. I wasn't even aware at the time the U of M had a Professor of Stalking.

    It is, in fact prima facie proof of your unhealthy obsession...you really should get some help.

  • Don't post on these message boards if you are just here to harass Professor Gleason. 
  • Dan, if you had any idea what "Professor" Gleason has been up to the past six months, that defensive statement would make you blush.***
  • betterschool 
    Mr. Swift. I don't know you or Mr. Gleason. While acknowledging that anyone can post what pleases them, within reason, I agree with Dan in preferring that these sessions focus on the issues and not the personal life -- real or imagined -- of the participants. To those of us who found the topic worthy of further discussion, posts like yours are an annoyance and a bit of an embarrassment to those of us who still believe in dialog focused on the merit of ideas.

*** The man has no shame.  See: Pair o' Thugs Tries Blackmail

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