Monday, October 10, 2011

For the Record - Lacey Steps in It

Posts picture of 

"Professor Bill Gleason With a Dick in His Ear"

Turns out it is Primo Levi, attempts to cover up

From his website:

A Painting of U of M Professor Bill Gleason With A Dick In His Ear

A portrait of University Of Minnesota Professor Bill Gleason with a dick in his ear, as promised:

After having nothing to do with the conservative oriented Minnesota Organization of Bloggers for a number of years, surprised I was to discover that University of Minnesota Professor Bill Gleason was pontificating regarding my past association with such on Twitter, believing that the very mention of my name can be weilded as a tool to smear and embarrass their fine organization, which is probably true. The Prof. apparently has an obsessive hatred of all things MOB, a subject he can't bring himself to stop twittering about not that he would like to. Years after the campfire died and the embers have long been kicked out, the Prof. is hotly alerting the world to the fact that I am a 'smutty cartoonist' while anyone who cares knows that I have successfully abandoned cartooning and have become somewhat established online as a 'smutty painter.' 

To make a long story short, I asked the Professor, who refers to me as cakes,  if he minded if I painted a portrait of him with a dick in his ear, but he has failed to answer my query.  So I did so anyway and the result can be seen above.  This marvelous memento is for sale to the first person who can cough up $75.  It measures 8 by 10 inches and is painted in both acrylic and oil on sheet canvas. It would look very nice in a frame like this, but larger.

 Unfortunately, Leonardo painted the wrong guy - Primo Levi.  He could easily have determined that he had the wrong guy by Googling: William Gleason University of Minnesota. Here's what pops up:

 Here's his crude attempt at cover up: 

A tribute?  What a sick thug...

 Levi was an  Italian survivor of Auschwitz, a PhD chemist,  and a world renowned writer who commuted suicide long before the arrival of twitter. And you have the gall and the stupidity to post this filth on Ebay?  You are a sick person, just like Mitchell P. Berg and Thomas J. Swift. 

Even though he has denied knowing Lacey, never met the man, The Gas Bag of the Midway - Mitchell Berg - has previously lauded lazy Lacey's work and even given him an award - "The Howard Dean Trophy for Leaving Liberals Screaming and Sputtering."

Sick thugs: Lacey, Berg, and Swiftee.


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