Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Pair o' Thugs Tries Blackmail

Mr. Swift is a sad smutty cartoonist in his spare time.  This is particularly sick, since he was actually a GOP endorsed candidate for St. Paul School Board who perpetually whines about Family Values.  Do as I say, not as I do.  So typical of many of those on the right. He was previously responsible for a site, Pair o' Dice, where his pitiful sophomoric cartoons appeared.

As pointed out earlier, Mr. Swift lied about this on MinnPost when he claimed that he had not done a smutty cartoon of Eric Black, which he had.  The man has no shame. 

Apparently this Sunshine is the Best Disinfectant is getting on the nerves of Mr. Swift and his close personal friend, Mr. Mitchell Berg, the GasBag of the Midway.

So Mr. Swift fired up his old smutty cartoon site. And of course his enabler, Mitchell P. Berg, encouraged him and called it to the attention of his band of thugs.

Swift first placed his filth on Photobucket but it was shut down shortly thereafter.   An email to me from Photobucket:

Subject Promotes racism or harm against a group or individual

 Response Via Email (Photobucket Support)10/06/2011 11:53 AM
The content reported has been removed.
Undeterred, Mr. Swift set up yet another site this time on Google's blogger.  Google responded the usual way they do when handling a porn site, they forced people to acknowledge this before allowing a log in.

Nice, huh.

Here's what happens:

And if you should pass the porn warning, here is a sample of what you find:

Thomas J. Swift and Mitchell P. Berg are, indeed, a Pair o' Thugs.  QED

Note to Pair o' Thugs.  I don't respond to blackmail. Or perhaps I should say Bergmail. 

Added later:

Here's a pitiful attempt to defend Swiftee/Berg behavior by yet another Bergbrain:'

@wbgleason so free speech is good except when @TJSWIFT makes cartoons
you don't like? @mitchpberg

and later:

@wbgleason still displaying a picture of a child right nest to the
"smut" by @TJSWIFT you claim to despise so much?

Screen dumps available upon request.  This guy had the nerve to complain because his kid was in his avatar - indistinguishable from SweePea, a doll or....   He finally changed the avatar to remove the kid after much squirming and verbigeration.

Free speech for me, but not for thee?  And this clown tried to hide behind his kid.  Disgusting.

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