Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bergbrains Smacked Down Again

Twitter Suspends Impersonation Account for TOS Violation

I've noted earlier the latest sick attempt by the Bergbrains at harassment.

This is about the third time something like this has happened.  In this case someone was posting as "@wbgleason." They set up an imposter account by using a capital I rather than a lower case l (el) in the signature.

Needless to say this led to much confusion by casual readers - obviously the intent of the impersonator. 

But eventually Twitter dealt with the matter in an acceptable manner:

"In response to your report, we are sending an email to this user with recommendations for more clearly marking the account as being unaffiliated. We are suspending the account while this matter is pending, and will only restore the account once the user has made changes in accordance with our guidelines."

I have no objection to a so-called parody account where it is clearly evident that the account is not mine. For example "@NOTwbgleason" would be acceptable.  If this name had been used together with the filthy tweets then I think the parodist would have been more of an embarrassment to himself than to me.

Past filthy tweets of Mitch Berg and Swiftee harm them because they can be posted here on Sunshine.  They both dislike sunshine prefer to work under cover of darkness.

As of last night when I tried to access the impersonation account, Twitter reported that it had been suspended.  As of this morning, it simply responded that the user no longer exits. Clearly the person responsible for this behavior is a sick.There is no shortage of such people among wing nuts here in Minnesota.

Incidents like these - and this has been the third - do no credit to Bergbrains and their enablers such as Mitchell P. Berg and Thomas J. Swift. They also reflect badly on Republican officials in Minnesota who tolerate such outrageous behavior.  And they are well aware of it.

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