Thursday, November 24, 2011

One of the Bergbrains...

Yet another fake sock puppet account from the Bergbrains...

Not really surprising given the filth issuing from Swiftee and facilitated by the head Bergbrain, Mitchell P. Berg.

This stunt was accomplished by creating a phony twitter account: @wbgIeason. Sure looks like my twitter handle... But as one of my friends pointed out the miscreant has used a capital I in place of the small case "el" in the handle so that they look identical. Note also that they have stolen the picture of Primo Levi used as my avatar. I am sure they didn't bother to ask the artist, the great Ken Avidor,  for permission. Par for the course for such thugs. 

But it should be clear by now to people thugs like Mitchell Berg, Thomas J. Swift and their fellow sewer residents: harassment and blackmail will not work.

Here's some examples of the latest juvenile Bergbrain behavior:

You know what rhymes? Buggery and thuggery. who's up for a little of both?
Melancholy holiday. Tweeting not as fun when I’m not on school time.
I haven’t changed my underwear in 9 days
fake wbgIeason

I was a booger eater as a child, if you must know
My prolapsed rectum is kind of like a big pink sock puppet
You know what I like Occupied? My rectum
fake wbgIeason

I never entirely wipe my backside. It keeps me on edge for a full day of tweeting.
In the old days it didn’t take much bilirubin to get me hammered. Takes quite a bit now. To laugh.
Chemistry career came fascination with poop. Eager to get down to the occupier camps to look at the pickle jars
fake wbgIeason

To laugh I didn’t think my browneye would close airtight around your white sepulcher

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