Sunday, November 13, 2011

More Swiftee Filth

What We're Dealing With Here from Swiftee and His Enabler

Mitchell P. Berg 

It is telling that the Minnesota GOP is aware of this behavior and yet no one there seems to be willing to speak out about it.  I've pointed this out to Brian McClung many times on Twitter.  Crickets.  But it is increasingly hard for the Minnesota GOP to plead ignorance:

This operation includes hypocrites like Brian McClung who publicly whine about civility - new ad campaign? - while doing NOTHING about this. Unsurprising for a former Pawlenty flack.  But this seems to be the way the GOP has gone down hill in Minnesota lately.

The current crop of Tea Party nuts in the legislature has prevented fixing our problems and in fact made them worse. Hopefully in 2012 enough of them will be defeated to allow the citizens of Minnesota to start putting the state back together.

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