Saturday, November 19, 2011

More Mush from the Wimp?

Is it the phases of the moon?  Male menopause? The first snowfall of the season?  Who knows, but Mitchell P. Berg has gone walkabout yet again.

And this latest outburst is all the funnier because he has claimed to have put me on "global ignore." There are two funny things about this.  First he has been using TweetDeck for two years before discovering this feature. Pretty amusing for someone who fancies himself a user experience geek.

And of course global ignore really isn't possible. His minions report back to him and if he follows hashtags - I'm sure he does - then he sees my stuff.  What the ignore business is about is that he would really prefer not to answer back when called on elementary facts.  

But that's OK.  People are learning that his statements are untrustworthy and that he is well deserving of the title Gas Bag of The Midway.  Rant on Bergbrain.

And these are just some of the Bergbrain's issue for the evening.  What a sad, bitter, old man... No doubt he sees the handwriting on the wall for 2012. 

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