Sunday, April 22, 2012

Being a GOP Princess Means 

Never Having to Say You are Sorry

Ms. Kihne, it is simply not true that the account @nutgleason is mine.  It is a sock puppet account posted by a Right Wing Nut Job.  You could easily have determined this by looking at the user profile.  

You complain about the vile language of these garbage posts by @nutgleason and then you retweet them?  You are a hypocrite.  It really makes me sad that a person like you  is a graduate of the  University of Minnesota. 

You should be ashamed of yourself.  Please apologize. 


Added later:

To what should be no one's surprise, it turns out that Ms. Kihne has quite the track record as a local Right Wing Nut Job bomb thrower.

Some of her activities are described in the posts below.

What a Turkey! Minnesota GOP Activist Sheila Kihne Claims Michele Bachmann is an Expert on the Constitution


Sheila Kihne and Gatesgate


Today's Example of GOP Hypocrisy - Sheila Kihne, GOP CD-03 ViceChair


 Sheila Kihne ≠ James Earl Ray


Sheila Kihne's Sulfurous Smear


"It's not that hard to tell the truth, but for people of this ilk, it's profitable to deal in untruth."


Pretty pathetic. 


Ms. Kihne, Mr. Thomas Swift, and Mr. Mitch Berg are the type of people who actually do the Minnesota GOP more harm than good. Voters are tired of their hateful behavior.  Their kind of evil will be a contributing factor when the  GOP is turned out of the majority in November in both houses of the Minnesota state legislature.

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