Thursday, April 12, 2012

How Right Wing Radio Rolls

The So-Called Late Debate


Added April 18, 2012

Jack Tomczak is a very brave man. After whining on the Late Debate about bullies - and demonstrating that he is one - he had the chutzpah to call for a takedown of a video of his own bullying performance and admission of thuggery. 
The dark area above previously had a link to a You-Tube clip from the program in question.  Today I received an email that included the statement that Mr. Tomczak was claiming infringement on his copyrighted material:

I am looking into the matter.  There are several possible solutions including posting a complete transcript of the offending material. I have given some examples of the offensive material below.  Further updates here in the future.

Added later today:

I have responded to YouTube stating that posting this video is not a violation of copyright law under the doctrine of fair use as well as the fact that it is newsworthy.  While this matter is resolved I have posted a shorter version. This version is much shorter than the original one I posted. Approximately three minutes out of a two hour show. This clip is used under the fair use doctrine as well as the fact that it is newsworthy.

Added 4/21/2012 - I have added the shorter version above and discarded the earlier, longer one that had appeared on YouTube. 

Above is a short clip from the April 11 Late Debate show.  I originally posted the pertinent section so that context could be examined for the following statements made during the show.

I was in the wrong building on the 7th floor. I was in the finance office

So I am not sure if Bill Gleason really does work at the U.

And that is where he tweeted later that I missed him because he was across the way.

Thing is the lab isn't all that far away.

Did you go to the lab?

I didn't read what was on the door.

It is no secret that Bill Gleason is really nasty to Republican guys on Twitter, but very almost creepily polite to our ladies.

So when Bill Gleason is not in his office, he is in Amy and Bree's dorm room, that's a little weird Bill. I wonder if there is a Mrs. Gleason?

I wanted to make him sweat a little bit. Because the guy hides behind Twitter. And he is a jerk the entire day. I don't like bullies. It has been my experience in life that when you stand up to a bully once, that is usually enough. And he reacted... He was so scared.

Yesterday, when I said I was going to come by.

Then I said, “Well I'll just go to your house.”

And then an attorney friend of mine, text-messaged me on Twitter saying: “Don't do this.”

Do you have a lot of attorney friends recommending that you not do things?

Well the thing is I got home and Thundercat said: “How was your meeting?”

“He wasn't there.”

“What do you mean he wasn't there? I thought you had a meeting.”

“Oh no I was ambushing.”

“And you brought our baby?”

The following Tweets set the stage for this unwelcome visit.  I had previously made it clear that I did not wish to see Mr. Tomczak and he admits during the video clip that his purpose was an ambush.


Selections from Twitter - much more available

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