Friday, April 13, 2012

FCC Complaint Filed About

Late Debate

Yesterday I posted a video clip of material broadcast on the Late Debate this last Wednesday as well as some threatening/harassing tweets by Jack Tomczak made prior to the show. 

See: How Right Wing Radio Rolls The So-Called Late Debate

I have filed a complaint about this matter to the FCC:

 The contents of the above box are not readily screen-captured.  The text is:

There are actually three radio stations involved.

They are 1150 and 1300 AM in St. Cloud as well as 95.9 FM in "North Metro"

The web address of the show in question is:
 link to site - click here
Mr. Jack Tomczak harassed and threatened me prior to this show as is documented in the following post:
link to post - click her

Also available at this location is a clip of the objectionable material broadcast. Many of the things that Mr. Tomczak says are untrue as is evident from his twitter feed. Many of the things said are wrong and he had a responsibility to check them out before making these outrageous claims.

This is a public use of the air waves to make counter-factual statements for the purpose of harassing someone. This complaint falls within the FCCs purview of fairness.

I request an apology for this broadcast made by station owners as well as disciplinary action by them for Mr. Tomczak's behavior.

I have been in contact with the management of the station(s) on which the Late Debate is broadcast. They have been thoroughly professional in handling this matter. Yesterday there were three lengthy telephone conversations as well as exchanges of email.

I have made suggestions about how to resolve this matter. My understanding is that Mr. Tomczak will be making an apology.  I am hopeful that the matter can be rectified.  If so, I will withdraw my complaint. 

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