Friday, April 27, 2012

 (example of how Right Wing Nut Job stalkers roll)

Right Wing Nut Job Filth Monger - "nutgleason" - Gets Take Down Notice for Copyright Violation

Today I received notice from Twitter that a pathetic and sick RWNJ stalker and sock-puppet has had his avatar and profile picture removed because of copyright violations.

The miscreant calls himself "@nutgleason" and here is the current status of his profile and avatar:

Twitter "@nutgleason" removed this copyrighted image from the "@nutgleason" site because this sock puppet had not obtained permission from the artist who did the original drawing.  As illustrated from The Periodic Table:

Here are some recent examples, prior to the take down by twitter, of copyright violation by "@nutgleason":

Earlier examples of this pathetic and sick man have already been posted.  A particularly reprehensible situation related to this sock puppet account was the action of one Sheila Kihne, a RWNJ princess. Ms Kihne (that rhymes with meanie) re-tweeted posts from "@nutgleason" without even realizing that it was a sock puppet account: Being a GOP princess means never having to say you are sorry.

Such people are a  wonderful reflection on the sad current state of the Minnesota GOP. The party is aware that this disgusting behavior is going on. Yet none of them - including Mr. Civility McClung - are willing to say or do anything about it. This is the reason the GOP in Minnesota is in for a rough time in Nov. They are currently a party with no moral compass. 

Bring back a real two party system in Minnesota?  


Added later...

This sad and pathetic man has a new avatar.  Truly despicable behavior of which Minnesota Republican party should be very proud. Example of why they deserve to return to minority in November. Sad that they tolerate this thug:

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