Saturday, April 28, 2012

Second Sock Puppet Account Has To Change Avatar

Because of Copyright Violation

In an earlier post I illustrated the copyright violation of a sock puppet account, "nutgleason' that had used a copyrighted image and profile picture.  These images were taken down by Twitter. 

See: Right Wing Nut Job Filth Monger - "nutgleason" - Gets Take Down Notice for Copyright Violation

The same image was also used in a second sock puppet account, that of "@ProfGlcason". Isn't it cute how one letter has been changed. A casual reader might not notice and that is the idea.  Pretty pathetic.

The author of both of these accounts is the same person and it doesn't take much imagination to figure out who it is.  Careful readers of this blog will note the imagery, language, and hate in postings from both of these accounts and be able to find a good match in other tweets posted on this blog.

All of this does not reflect very well on the Minnesota GOP right now.  It is pathetic that they are aware of this kind of behavior, yet tolerate it. This illustrates the  deep hole in which the state GOP finds itself. Not even people like Mr. Civility McClung are willing to speak out.  A pathetic group that, hopefully, will be returning to the minority in November.

Time to take our state back and start moving.  Just say no, is not the answer.  Pawlenty and the last two state legislature sessions have proven this.


Added later: 

And of course, the new avatar was baptized with filth on the third post:

A careful eye reveals that the Avatar is the work of the smutty cartoonist Thomas Swift - aka Swiftee, whose work is documented here on Sunshine.

See: More Filth from Swiftee

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