Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hypocritical Clown Prince Finally Changes Avatar
(He wants to be like Mike) 

Tomczak doesn't want screen captures of his hateful tweets posted publicly.  He whines that this is unfair because his child is in the screen capture since he cynically used her as his avatar.

Pathetic use of a child.  As was his dragging her along on an attempted unwelcome visit for which he had to publicly apologize later.  To his shame, he has even tried to weasel out of his apology despite having broadcast it. Sad and pathetic.

There is of course an obvious solution to Tomczak's ginned up issue: change his avatar. Or keep his avatar and don't post hateful things. Tomczak has finally chosen to do the former after even the acolytes realized his position as a pathetic charade.

"RT @ChadTheElder: @JackTomczak Using a baby and stroller as cover while stalking? Genius"

Deliberately phony issue.  Right out of the Karl Rove school of thuggery. But then Tomczak learned his trade at the feet of Michele Bachmann and Tom Emmer.

Time to finally grow up, Champ?


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