Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Late Debate Apology Broadcast 


Examples of objectionable material contained in the original offensive broadcast are given below in a short video clip. This is published under the fair use doctrine as well as the fact that it is newsworthy because a local right-wing broadcaster visited my office after being told specifically that he was unwelcome. He then admitted to his egregious behavior in this broadcast over the public air waves.

According to station management:

"I personally listened to the apology which was broadcast at approximately 10:45 pm out of the commercial break.  The commercial break ended, the program bumper music played followed by the apology which was followed again by the program bumper music into the program content. "

The statement read by Mr. Tomczak was:

  READ LIVE ON AIR @ 10:45 pm on Wednesday, April 18

On a serious note...

We have had a good deal of serious political discussion going on in Minnesota and the nation. In such conversations, I am a great believer in freedom of speech. Yet, sometimes in my zeal... I get carried away.

My show on April 11, 2012, was one of those moments. I want to apologize tonight to Professor Bill Gleason. Professor Gleason and I have exchanged ideas through Twitter in the past and we disagree on most political issues. On April 11, 2012 I attempted to visit him at his office. I sincerely apologize to him because my attempt to have an in-person confrontation about our differences was inappropriate. He had previously informed me that such a visit was unwelcome. Furthermore, what I said on the Late Debate about my failed attempt to confront him at his office was wrong. I know I can do better... and for that, I sincerely apologize to Professor Gleason.

Professor Gleason's opinions are valuable and he is always welcome to participate on The Late Debate. Even though we disagree on almost everything, I am sure we agree that freedom of speech is important to all citizens. Everyone's opinion should to be heard with respect. We need to work together to make this a better Minnesota.

Professor Gleason, thanks for your past communications. You are a worthy political opponent and I welcome hearing from you in the future. I hope you will accept my apology because I am truly sorry for my inappropriate actions.

Professor Gleason has already seen this apology and he has accepted it. He has also extended his thanks to the station management for a speedy and fair resolution of this matter.

Station management has already assured me that Mr. Tomczak will stay away from my home and office.  Mr. Tomczak will also honor my twitter posting request that he not post in a manner that a reasonable person would consider to be threatening or harassing.

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