Monday, May 14, 2012

 A Pair of Cuckoos

The Swiss Ms. and Clown Prince Tomczak

Mr. Tomczak lost his marbles - again - over the weekend because of the posting of a picture of the world's largest Ham and Swiss on Wry sandwich, a shot of him standing between two other right wing nut jobs, Ms. Bachmann and Ms. Palin. The Clown Prince went ballistic and demanded that two bloggers take down his "property." 

To see this hilarious picture for yourself, just go to Tomczak's flack site.

I can understand why Mr. Tomczak would prefer that this smarmy picture not be in general circulation. Especially since he is on record bad-mouthing his former employer, Ms. Bachmann. But that is standard operating procedure for Clown Prince Tomczak. He pulled the same stunt with the radio station from  which his pathetic and juvenile program, Late Debate, recently parted company. First it went for two weeks without Mr. Tomczak because of his suspension, then it went into his basement for podcast, and currently the so-called Late Debate is dormant.  Mr. Tomczak is praying that some radio station will take pity on him. 

Perhaps there is someone that stupid in town?  After all, Mitch Berg and Tom Emmer are on squawk radio, so why not the Clown Prince? Bradlee Dean was also on local squawk for many years before an embarrassed station finally gave him the boot.
So the bar for being a right wing squawker is obviously low enough even for Mr. Tomczak. There is a slight problem, though. Perhaps there is enough red meat for the right wing on talk radio already?  Is adding yet another gas bag to the mix really a smart thing to do?  And Mr. Tomczak is hindered by being a rank amateur. With the exception of Mitch Berg and Tomczak's pathetic side kick Kruse, no one does a less professional job than Mr. Tomczak. Perhaps he needs to serve a term as second banana? But then what would happen to Beta Dog Ben? At least Ben's Xanax expenses would go down.

 Another hilarious thing on Tomczak's flack site is the statement:

"Don’t play politics, do what’s right"

Perhaps you should take your own advice, Mr. Tomczak, especially about apologies?

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