Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mitch Berg

Consummate Practitioner of the Big Lie...

Berg is perfectly aware  that the FCC complaint filed against Late Debate has been withdrawn. And yet he continues to tweet things like this:

 May 12, '12

Either Gramps is going senile or has not had enough crackers lately:

This is just another example of Berg's pathetic behavior.

Such deliberate distortion does not serve the Minnesota GOP well, but that is really not Berg's concern.  It is all about Berg and the RWNJs who support the pathetic drivel to be found on Sleaze in the Dark and his "Patriotic" activities on squawk radio. The more red meat he can thrown his dogs, the better. 

Intellectual honesty or truth is of no concern to Mr. Berg. 

Looking forward to November. 

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