Monday, May 21, 2012

Clown Prince Suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder
[he's not getting enough]

Overdoes it on The Twitter...

Other recent Jack Tomczak tweets:

RT @TJSWIFT: Rebranding "Eagles Nest" to "Kooks Nest" -> @eric_pusey @avidor: @JoeRepya #stribpol #mnleg
No. Absolutely personal. You are a liar and you have no honor. RT @JoeRepya: Look folks, @JackTomczak attacks on me are purely political.
 No. Done with you in a weak. MT @JoeRepya: @JackTomczak @AARF You're very obsessed. Plan on stalking me next?
 Is @Joerepya's blog named after Hitler's fortress? #weird

(This pathetic and sad loser tries to hide behind his kid's picture in his avatar? A real sicko.)

And so it goes with the Clown Prince.

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