Saturday, May 12, 2012

 Clown Prince Tomczak

Free Speech for Me, But Not For Thee...

How Right Wing Nut Job Radio (formerly) Rolls

Tomczak is the kind of guy who would hypocritically whine about free speech while simultaneously trying to take it away from others. A totally dishonest man.  In classic Karl Rove fashion, he bullies others while claiming that he is being bullied.  Tomczak is a pathetic and sad man.

He is the kind of guy who would use his own child for political purposes and then whine when his harassing and hateful tweets are screen-captured and posted because his avatar is his child.  There is a simple way for Tomczak to fix this.  If he were really concerned about his child he would change his avatar. 

But he isn't actually concerned.  This is just another cheap political stunt.  Homage to Karl Rove and his ilk.  

As one of the acolytes put it:

"RT @ChadTheElder: @JackTomczak Using a baby and stroller as cover while stalking? Genius"

Tomczak should also refrain from taking his daughter along on ambush missions.  Even his wife was horrified. 

Well the thing is I got home and Thundercat [cutesy name for wife] said:

“How was your meeting?”

“He wasn't there.”

“What do you mean he wasn't there? I thought you had a meeting.”

“Oh no I was ambushing.”

“And you brought our baby?”

Family values?  No, it is all about Tomczak.

Grow up, Mr. Tomczak. 

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