Friday, March 29, 2013

Right Wing Nut Jobs Exposed

We've seen the egregious behavior of Ms. Sheila Kihne before here on Sunlight. Yesterday she further disgraced herself along with several of her playmates - some of the usual suspects in the right wing twitterverse.  

From MinnPost:

Gov. Mark Dayton became a grandfather Wednesday by scheduled C-section, so a couple of weeks ago he sent word that his chief of staff would be filling in for him at a Chamber of Commerce event.

But … as Sally Jo Sorensen chronicles in her Bluestem Prairie  blog, that was no reason for a Twitter barrage to break out among a few hardened partisans: “The substitution became a ‘cancellation,’ without stopping to learn the circumstances of the birth, it became ‘induced labor,’ and, the lack of interest by the press about the alleged snubbing of the business community became occasion for outrage.

Yes, really.  

Presented in their self-evident glory, here's that gentle chorus of family values …

JohnGilmore @Shabbosgoy BREAKING: Gov. Dayton has cancelled his speech to St. Paul Chamber luncheon. Do we have media that are curious about this pattern?

SheilaKihne @SheilaKihne@Shabbosgoy So, did we get an answer on why Mark Dayton skipped Chamber lunch last minute?

JohnGilmore @Shabbosgoy@SheilaKihne I’m sure one of our curious journalists will have a multi-part series about why Dayton has pattern of last minute cancellations

John Rouleau @John_Rouleau@SheilaKihne @jpkolb @shabbosgoy Maybe specific date to induce labor but no decency to announce cancelation? I'm sure the media is on it?”

Pathetic weasels... 

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