Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Late Debate - An Update


Two posts have appeared about this matter.

"The characters involved may not be marquee names, but the fact that one of them was a top campaign aide to both Michele Bachmann and Tom Emmer makes their Twitter row noteworthy."

"Shouldn’t guys like Tomczak be fund-raising for the Brodkorb Defense Fund or something? "

From Ken Avidor:

"Everyone who respects academic freedom and the First Amendment should be outraged at what Mr. Tomczak has done."

Illustration from the article:


I have received a draft of a statement of apology from Mr. Tomczak via radio station management.  With minor modifications, I hope that it can be read on the Late Debate on Wednesday,  April 18, at 10:45 pm. I am informed by station management that a podcast of the April 11 show has been removed from circulation.

My sincere thanks to the management of the radio station on which the Late Debate is broadcast. These people have been unfailingly courteous and professional in helping to rectify this matter. They have truly walked the talk of being a Christian radio station.

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