Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Late Debate: Going, going, gone... 

(Background: Latest Reactions to Late Debate Situation and links therein.)

Rumor on the street:

Station management has severed all ties with Late Debate.

The web-site for Late Debate  is now headed by a graphic that has the call letters of the radio station inelegantly scribbled over in red ink. 

How very classy of J and B.

Last night's episode was not broadcast on the radio but was available on the internet from an unspecified location - namely someone's basement.  Pathetic.

Mr. Tomczak made, in the words of an acolyte, his "triumphal return," complete with tinfoil hat:

Clown Prince Tomczak

Mr.Tomczak should open a karaoke bar for the next stage of his remarkable career?  I understand that experience in restaurant management is de rigueur for up-and-coming political operatives. 

Perhaps Mr. Tomczak could find a partner and call the place Bonnie and Clyde's?

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